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RedLux Productions is an award-winning creative film and advertising company. We passionately represent our client’s concept through creative content to translate vision to reality.

Our culture, digital distribution platforms and creative residency program set us apart from anyone in the marketplace today. We strongly believe you should love what you do, work like a beast and feed your creative soul to be able to meet the demands of a marketplace that is changing faster than at any time other than history. Our clients love our passion, speed and innovation, which translates into content people love and an unbeatable depth of loyalty.

Randall ReedExecutive Producer

Randall Reed

Executive Producer

Randall Reed is the President, CEO and Founder of Reed Enterprises, which encompasses Starbase Jet, World Class Automotive Group and Reed Enterprises Love Field. Mr. Reed, along with his wife, Sherry, have built a highly successful organization based on the principles of hard work, honesty, treating people fairly and supporting communities, children, families and those who’ve dedicated their life to serving our country. Mr. Reed instills his solid philosophies, beliefs and morals throughout all facets of his operations and personal life.

Matthew JCDirector

Matthew JC


Matthew JC has worked over 22 years in the advertising and film world and is a Four Time Lone Star Emmy director and writer, known for, Light Up to Live (2017) and The Flipside with Michael Loftus (2014), Operation Rock the Troops (2014) and Devil Has My Ear(2013). Matthew is proud to lead an experienced team that knows how to get from 'point A' to 'point B' with integrity, under budget, and on time, a lost art in the advertising, media and entertainment world.

Ian ShararDirector of Photography/Senior Editor

Ian Sharar

Director of Photography/Senior Editor

Ian Sharar is a prodigy Director of Photography and Editor with experience in commercials, television shows, films, and music videos and has completed over 300 projects by the young age of 28.

Some notable projects include the "No Limits" campaign for Texas Motor Speedway, "This is the Place", CBS 11's Fall Promotions, Texas Rangers 2014 promotions, VP Racing Fuels Nationwide Commercial and "The Flipside with Michael Loftus" TV series.

Liz MahoneyProducer

Liz Mahoney


As the Director of Business Development, Liz provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that Red Lux Productions has the proper momentum, key performance indicators, reporting procedures, and systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. She accomplishes this through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the company.

Antonio BrazilProducer / Art Director

Antonio Brazil

Producer / Art Director

Antonio is the Art Director for Red Lux Productions, and has worked in Graphic Design, Web Design and Film for well over 20 Years. He worked as a producer on the documentary "A Texas Tale of Treason" as well as the film "Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday" and the short film "Birthdays" which was featured in the Sante Fe Film Festival.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, supporting live music, playing guitar and singing in the DFW area.

Kimberly ElliottAssistant Producer / Sales

Kimberly Elliott

Assistant Producer / Sales

Kimberly is great example of a Freelance Nomad who found a forever home with Red Lux Productions. She came to our team from the world of Medicine, Sports, Private Sales and Professional Charities. Though Kimberly has an extensive background in science and medicine, she has truly made a lasting mark in the world of Sales, Marketing and Advertisement. Kimberly is essential in crafting new relationships, connecting old ones and presenting the multitude of opportunities that Red Lux presents a potential client.

On the production side, Kimberly is an Assistant Producer and Head of Craft Services. Kimberly is essential to the health, happiness and caffeination of every crew & cast member on set of RedLux Productions.

Brian PippinSupervising Producer

Brian Pippin

Supervising Producer

Immediately after graduating, Brian jumped into a position in motion graphics. He quickly realized while working that he enjoyed editing movies tremendously. Brian's love for cinema is what inspired him to eventually transition to an editor and film maker--which led him to RedLux Productions. As Supervising Producer, he is ultimately responsible for the DNA of a film, for delivering innovative takes on traditional formats to create immersive and nuanced stories.

Operation Torrent

TOR-RENT (n): - A fast-moving and overwhelming stream or flood of water. A sudden, violent, and copious outpouring of something (typically words or emotion).

Today's Veteran suicide epidemic is no less treacherous than the fight against any enemy our greatest soldiers have ever faced, and through the most dreadful battles in history. It will require their same intrepid spirit to win.

Operation Torrent is one Special Operation Veteran’s journey by Stand-Up Paddleboard across open water, the roughest seas, the harshest storms, and the darkest nights, as the living metaphor for what every Veteran may face after combat and then returning to civilian life. Also, to conquer the challenges of living/coping with the effects of multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Post Traumatic Stress. Operation Torrent is the story of overcoming the often debilitating symptoms, and without the life altering meds, or alcohol that can be just as crippling. This mission will culminate with the first ever successful completion of the 750 mile Race to Alaska (R2AK) by SUP, and along with several extreme distance races in preparation. Regardless of how tough it gets, we are never alone!